Kits4Kids Franco Academy - Thetford Rovers

Franco Academy and Thetford Rovers

Thetford Rovers FC
From Norfolk to Ghana

Written by Club Chairman Ed Sheridan

“At the start of this year we donated all our old kits to a charity called Kits4Kids, who are based in Norwich. I contacted them to come and collect several unused kits and football boots. I learnt these were later used for good causes and sent to Ghana in Africa.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it took a little longer than expected to arrive but once they did the kits were given to an academy called Franco. They were so happy to receive our unused equipment, they sent me pictures and videos of the kids wearing the Thetford Rovers colours!

I contacted Seth, the founder of Franco Academy and asked how we could help further. He told me that our club offering has made these boys and young men so happy that we had done more than enough. I replied with “would you like to become our Ghana partnership club?”. Seth delightfully agreed and suggested they be called Thetford Rovers Franko Academy Ghana FC.

We’re honoured to have them on board as our overseas partner and will continue to donate unused kit, boots and equipment to the club in future.

I am delighted to announce the start of the Thetford Rovers & Thetford Rovers Franco Academy Ghana FC partnership.”

Franco Academy Ghana, Thetford Rovers
Franco’s football academy in Ghana

Seth, founder of Franco Academy:

“Franco Soccer Academy was founded by myself, to help the poor and children with no parents. I scouted all of them from the streets! My Grandfather has a school in the same town and I talked to him about what I wanted to do. He decided to help by admitting the kids into his school and feed them so they can play football and learn. He gave us  room so the kids will all stay in the school so we could help them achieve their aim in life of becoming footballers.

Not long ago he unfortunately passed away. I decided to work to support the kids and my Uncle who inherited the school’s properties. We’ve had setbacks previously, the jerseys my grandfather bought for us were burnt by fire due to some faulty wiring that ripped through the school. We rented football kits until Thetford Rovers generously donated their equipment. Thank you for helping us and now we wont need to rent kits again!”

Seth’s football academy page can be found by clicking here